Homework 13-12-18

This week’s homework is some revision of bonds of 10 and the related addition and subtraction facts. A sheet will be sent home, with an example to set you on your way. We recognise that it is a very busy time of year and that the children (and adults) are very tired – so don’t forget that KS1 homework is optional. However, if you do have the energy, we look forward to seeing your ideas. Have fun!

Homework 6-12-18

Hooray, now December is here, we can finally begin to celebrate Christmas! This week’s homework is all about ‘giving’. At this busy time, we would like you to see if you can give your family 5 gifts. All the gifts must cost nothing! For example, you could help your Dad make the lunch, or make your Grandma a special card. You could give your younger brother or sister a bed time story, or help Mum take out the recycling. Draw/take photos and write about your gifts to your family. Have fun giving to others.

Homework 29-11-18

This week we would like you to practise counting amounts and writing numbers to 20. Sheets will be sent home for you to complete. If you want to challenge yourself further you could make groups of items showing amounts 11 – 20. You could take photographs or draw pictures of amounts to 20. You could look for numbers up to 20 on doors, signs, etc. you could use chalk and write huge numbers to 20 on the pavement or find other ways to have fun with numbers. Have fun being a number detective!

Homework 23-11-18

This weeks homework is to find an example of a 3D shape in your home or the world around you, e.g. a tin of beans for a cylinder. You can draw or take photos, and then label each picture. Try and learn the names for all of the 6 3D shapes on the sheet. Have fun!

Home Work 15-11-18

This week we have been learning about 2 polar animals – penguins and polar bears. We have also been learning about simple addition. So this week’s homework is to create/find 2 pictures (one with polar bears, the other with penguins) to represent these number sentences –

2 + 3 = 5

3 = 1 + 2

For example,


this picture shows… 2 + 3 = 5

(2 penguins sliding, 3 penguins walking, 5 penguins altogether)


this picture shows… 3 = 1 + 2

( 3 polar bears, 1 mother bear, 2 cubs)

You might be able to find pictures on the internet, create pictures using your laptop, or you could draw them. Don’t forget to write the number sentence to go with the picture, and if you fancy a challenge… try and make the part-part-whole diagram to go with each number sentence/picture. Have fun!

Homework 8-11-18

This week we have been learning about animals in WWI. This week’s homework is to write about your pet(s). You can use photographs, print off pictures from the internet or use drawings. Try and write at least 3 sentences about your pet (don’t forget spaces, capital letters and full stops). If you do not have a pet, write about your dream pet. We look forward to reading about the pets in your life.

Homework 25-10-18

This week’s homework is to tell us all about your holiday news. You can write and draw about the activities that you get up to. You can use photos, draw maps, add leaflets, etc. Your challenge is to write at least 3 sentences. Don’t forget to start with a capital letter, leave spaces between words and finish with a full stop. Try and use cursive handwriting. Have fun – we look forward to reading about your adventures.

Homework 18-10-18

This week we have been learning about bonds of 10 (all the pairs of numbers which equal 10).

2 sheets have been sent home to help children practise these bonds.

Also, please can you practise this rhyme with your children:

9 and 1 are bonds of 10,

8 and 2 are friends,

7 and 3,

6 and 4,

And 5 and 5 are twins – YEAH!


(Whisper) And don’t forget 10 and 0!

Home Work 11-10-18

Well done everybody on last week’s home work about number 5. You are amazing. This week we have been looking at other numbers.

This week, your home work is to investigate either 7 or 9. Cut out the Numicon pieces and pair them up to show all the different ways to make that number ( bonds of 7 or 9). The sheet sent home has Numicon up to 10, but you will NOT need all of them. If you want to challenge yourself, you can write the number sentence or part-part-whole diagram to go with each pair of Numicon. Have fun!

whole part part[1]

Homework 5-10-18

This week we have been looking at simple number bonds, the part-part-whole diagram and number sentences. This week’s homework is to find bonds of 5. A sheet and some paper Numicon pieces have been sent home. Cut out 2 Numicon pieces so they fit exactly over the Numicon 5 shape (e.g. 2 and 3). Then fill in the part-part-whole diagram – 5 goes in the top circle and the 2 numbers which make 5 (are the same as 5) go in the other 2 circles. Finally, can you write the number sentence? e.g. 2 + 3 = 5. P.S. Don’t forget to use 0!

picture5.crop_617x463_0,374.preview[1]whole part part[1]

If you want to challenge yourself, see if you can find bonds of 4 or 6 – you could use sweets or counters to explore this. Have fun.