Building MontageThe building was officially opened in 1968. There are ten classrooms and a library. Some of the teaching spaces have direct access to outside patios and to separate working areas, which are fitted with sinks and work benches. Two of the classrooms are of demountable design, but are linked to the main building. The school has its own library, which contains its collection of non-fiction books, and an assembly hall, which is also used for PE lessons.
There is also a purpose built nursery on site, which is leased to one of the pre-school education providers.
The school has an open aspect with shrubberies, gardens and flowerbeds, and there are two hard-surface playgrounds. The whole is set in extensive playing fields, which include a wild area with pond, developed in conjunction with the Shropshire Countryside Project. We have a recreational garden, which has been planted by the children as part of a wider landscape development, and an additional infant play area, which has been developed with the help and support of Friends of the School. There is a swimming pool on the site, which is incorporated into the Leisure Centre, that enables every child to participate in regular swimming lessons from the Reception Class onwards. Our close relationship with the secondary school with which we share our site enables us to take advantage of many of their facilities such as ball courts and Design Technology rooms.
Building Montage