The Governing body is the educational equivalent to a company’s Board of Directors, or a charity’s Board of Trustees. The purpose of the governing body is to help the school provide the best possible education for its pupils.

Its main roles are: to ensure accountability; to provide a strategic view and to act as a critical friend. The key areas in which they are involved are the curriculum, and the educational success of the school, finance, staffing, and other general roles such as being an interface between the school and parents and the community.

The governing body is made up of the following people:

Headteacher (Ex-officio)

Mr A Brannen

Three Foundation Governors (i.e Diocesan selected)

Dr D West

Dr R Shephard

Mr S Frankel

One LA Governor (invited)

Mr M Reeve

Three Community Governors (invited)

Miss Z Keeling (Chair)

Mrs D Cawte

Mr M Morris

Three Parent Governors (elected)

Mrs E Turner

Mr R Davis

Mrs G Shaw

One Staff Governor (elected)

Mrs R Bollom

The Governing body acts as a group. Individual governors have no power outside the governing body and cannot act on behalf of the governing body unless authorised to do so. Formally the governing body meets as a whole once a term, and individual governors are also on one or two committees (Curriculum, or Finance, Safeguarding and General Purposes). Informally the governors take a great interest in the school, helping in a variety of ways and supporting all that goes on.

Code of Conduct for Governors

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