Friends of St Lawrence

Who are the Friends of St Lawrence Primary School (FSLS)?

friends_logo_2We’re simply a group of people, parents, carers, family, neighbours who are all keen to get involved in the community of the school. We organise events to raise money to pay for extra school equipment and resources. Throughout the year we run a whole host of events for both ourselves and the children. Although the association is very much parent-led, members of staff are also involved and bring a huge amount of expertise and support to everything we do.


Who can be in it?

Anyone who is a parent/carer of a child at St Lawrence Primary School or a family member. We have four elected posts (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary ). Other members make invaluable contributions by bringing ideas forward, organising events, and helping on the day. Not everyone attends the committee meetings, but they can still get involved.


What sort of things has the FSLS organised in the past?

Balls & barn dances, children’s discos, Christmas/summer fairs and lots more – though we are always looking for new ideas.


How does a typical FSLS event come about and how can you make things happen?

At the regular FSLS meetings, ideas are invited and discussed. Once an idea for fundraising has been agreed by the team, a more focused group is created. This group will meet again, to iron out the details, such as number of volunteers needed, publicity, booking of venues, catering/refreshments, entertainment etc. It’s volunteers for this type of work that we really need. We appreciate any help that we can get; please don’t think that you need experience or bags of time, any help is valuable to us.


What can I offer?

The important thing with the FSLS is that no-one expects you to be an expert on anything! For instance we’re always just grateful for a helping hand serving refreshments at events. We realise that not everyone can attend meetings and we don’t expect you to bite off more than you can chew, though people have often surprised themselves when they make things happen they wouldn’t have thought possible!


How has FSLS fundraising helped the school?

The FSLS have funded many items of equipment, books, the gazebo, the trim trail, playground markings, all in consultation with the headteacher and other members of staff who advise us what’s needed.


Feel like you don’t know anyone, live too far from the school or just too nervous?

Don’t worry! The FSLS is a great way of making new friends, getting to know the staff and make a real contribution to your child’s school. We’re always ready to welcome any offers of help, from all areas of the community not just parents and you definitely won’t get pushed into doing anything you’re not sure about. Our success is purely down to the fact that people like you either get involved directly or attend our events.


How do I get involved?

Come to one of our meetings, which are always publicised via the school newsletter. Alternatively speak to the school administrators,  they will point you in the right direction and let you know what is coming up and how you can help.


The Committee:

Chair:  Mrs Emily Russell
Secretary: Mrs Holly Doley
Treasurer:  Mrs Tracy Woods
Contact Email Friends:  (Mrs Emily Russell)

As always thank you very much for your support.