Teaching Staff

Mr A Brannen (BA, PGCE, NPQH) – Headteacher, Designated Child Protection Lead, PSHE, RSE, Collective Worship, Governor

Mr J Brown (BA, PGCE, NPQH) – Acting Deputy Head, KS2 Lead, Computing, Homework

Mrs L Bassett  (BA with QTS, NPQH) (0.6)  – KS1 Leader, KS1 English

Miss L Owen (BEd, NASC, AMBDA) (0.4) – SENCO

Mr P Williams (BSc, PGCE) – Science, Design & Technology

Miss W Watkin (BA, PGCE) – Maths

Mrs S Bowen (BEd) – KS2 English

Mrs S Abbott (BA, PGCE)  – EYFS Co-ordinator


Miss K Brookfield (BSC Hons Psychology) – Forest School, PE & School Sport

Mr C McKeon (BA, PGCE) – Music

Mr M Reynolds (BSc, MA, PGCE) – History, R.E. & Collective Worship

Mrs S Parsons (BA, PGCE)

Mrs S Morgan (BA, PGCE) (0.6)

Miss A Morrison (BA with QTS) (0.4) – Geography

Miss R Richards (BA, PGCE) (0.6) – Creative Arts

Mr R Davies (MSc, Diploma P.E.) (0.2) – P.E. & School Sport


Teaching Support Staff

Mrs R Bollom (BEd) – Teaching Assistant, Staff Governor

Mrs K Brayne (HLTA, First Aid) – Teaching Assistant

Miss A Connacher (LLB, PGDip., NVQ L3) – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Davies (NVQ L3, First Aid) – Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Edwards (NVQ L2) – Teaching Assistant, Lunchtime Supervisor in Charge

Mrs D Forbes (NVQ L3) – Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Forster (BA, PGCE) – Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Pastoral Support, School Council, Deputy Lead for Child Protecton

Mrs J Graham (NVQ L2) – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S. Clilverd (Cert. in Early Years, First Aid) – Teaching Assistant

Miss C Hough (NVQ L3, First Aid) – Teaching Assistant – Supporting Individuals with learning difficulties

Mrs W Hyde (HLTA, First Aid) – Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Jones (BA with QTS, Dyslexia Awareness L3, Advanced Cert in SEN – Autism) – Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Cotton (STL L3, SEN Dip, First Aid, NVQ L3) – Teaching Assistant

Miss J Maddox (BA, PGCE) – Teaching Assistant

Mrs Z Robinson (BA, HLTA, Solihull Approach Facilitator)  – Deputy Lead for Child Protection, Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Pastoral Support, School Council

Mrs K Solomons (HLTA, NVQ L3) – Teaching Assistant

Mrs L Speake (HLTA, First Aid) – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Williams (NVQ L3, First Aid) – Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Powell (NVQ L2, First Aid) – Teaching Assistant (Classroom Behavior – Anxiety & Confidence) After School Care Leader

Miss L Fraser (First Aid) – Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Club, Cleaner in Charge

Nursery Staff

Miss L. Wills-Hart Lorna (BA, NNEB, First Aid) – Nursery Leader 

Miss E. Price – (BA, NVQ L3, First Aid)  – Nursery Assistant

Miss Sian Williams – (NVQ L3, First Aid)  – Nursery Assistant

Mrs C Pepper (BA) – Nursery Assistant

Non Teaching Staff

Mrs S Betton (HND, NVQ L3) – Office Manager

Mrs R Woolgar (BSC Hons) – Administrator

Mrs J Malone (HND) – Administrator

Mrs S Wedlock (NVQ L2)  – Breakfast Club, Cleaner

Mrs H Griffiths – Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss G Rolls – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs K White – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs C Drury – Cook

Mr W Castree – Caretaker

Mrs D. Fewtrell – Cleaner

Mr P Meason (MCDST, MCP, CompTIA A+)  – ICT Technician


Peripatetic Staff

Mrs C Tocknell – Violin

Mr A Atkin – Woodwind

Mr M Ashford –  Guitar

Mr D Heywood –  Brass

Mr J Auxant –  Drums

Mrs K Kirkland –  Keyboard